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We have opened the 2nd "All In"
We have added 2 Mossburg Silver Reserve Shotguns
Plus another $500 Cabela's Card.

If you have already gone "All In" and would like to switch from the Kel Tec to the Mossburg Raffle please contact us ASAP. 630.365.2943

"All In" for 2014

We have sold 30 "ALL - IN" raffle tickets!! 
We have 5 people on a waiting list if we get 5 more people, 
we will open another "ALL - IN" raffle with comparable prizes. 
Please contact us if you want one. 630 365 2943  mppdpfso@gmail.com

Disabled Veterans Shoot for $40.00

Starting with the 7th Annual Pulling for Special Olympics Disabled Veterans will be able to shoot for $40.00

Also, we are looking people to SPONSOR a Disabled Veterans.

Please consider Sponsoring a Vet.

Check out this sponsor, who will have a display at the shoot: 

We have committed to “be bold and get cold” for the athletes of Special Olympics Illinois by taking an icy dip into the frigid winter waters! I know – you’re probably getting cold just thinking about it! While the cold I will experience is temporary, the positive impact this will have on the lives of Special Olympics athletes across Illinois will last a lifetime.

You can sponsor us at:   http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/GeorgeMalfatti/2014-polar-plunge-joliet/team