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All In Gun & Shooters Only Guns

These are the Guns you can WIN. 

You will be entered in the drawing for the Shooter only Guns when you register (no additional tickets sold). 

Or you can register as an "All-In" Shooter for $500.  The "All-In" Shooters receive a ticket for the Shooter Only Guns plus:

A Badge to wear identifying you as an exclusive “All In Supporter”
Event participation (shoot, lunch, event shirt, shells) - value $75
Drawing ticket for the Browning Silver Blacklightining Semi-Auto 12 gauge 
1 in 29 chances for a Cabela’s $500 gift card
30 event drawing tickets for guns and numerous other prizes – value $120
10 Harley raffle tickets – value $100
10 Can-Am UTV tickets - value $10
Special Olympic hat and shirt & pin – value $35

2016 Thank You

Thank you for making 2016 a great success. 

We raised over $83,134.

Thank you!

Check back frequently for update and registration.

Thank you for making 2016 so successful!!!
We came in 2nd this year with a total of $83,134
Thank you for your ongoing support!!!
2017 is the 10th Anniversary for 
The Pulling For Special Olympics
and we are looking to re-gain #1 

Thank you for making 2015 a success.
We did not make #1 this year, 
but it was a great year
with $81,627.82
Thank you for your continual support

Thank you for making 2014 a great success.
Top LETR Fundraiser 2 years in a row
with $87,515.44
 Thank you for your wonderful support!!!!

Thank you for making 2013 a success. 
We raised over $63,133.
Thank you!

Check back frequently for update and registration.